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The Norfolk Arts Centre provides high-quality art education for learners of all ages. We work in partnership with local artists, community groups, schools and teachers to develop new education programs that are offered year-round.

Art Journaling Workshop Ad

Join local artist, Heather Domke for an Art Journaling Workshop at the Norfolk Arts Centre.

Art Journaling is a different way to mark your days with more than words.

In this workshop, we will make a journal in the morning using watercolour paper, Bainbridge Board and rings. There will be a variety of materials to decorate the covers of your journal. The journal will be expandable so you can add paper as you fill your pages.

In the afternoon we will fill the pages with art. Heather provides a vast quantity of materials to use in your journals and keep your creative juices flowing.

Register at the Norfolk Arts Centre

Saturday, May 11th – 10 am to 4 pm
$55 (10% discount for NAC members)
All supplies are included

Participants are encouraged to bring a lunch