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The Norfolk Arts Centre provides high-quality art education for learners of all ages. We work in partnership with local artists, community groups, schools and teachers to develop new education programs that are offered year-round.

Feng Shui Workshop

Manifest Your Desires with Feng Shui!

April 6th, 2019 – 1 pm to 3 pm at the Norfolk Arts Centre with Katherine Czerlau-Lima, Evolving Spaces

Journey into the Ancient Art and Science of Feng Shui! You will learn and be inspired to make simple changes in your home that will improve your health, well-being, relationships and more! By creating supportive, empowering, life-enhancing soul spaces you will manifest the life you deserve and desire!

Topics include:
• Basic Feng Shui Principles
• The Importance of Reducing Clutter
• How the Energy of Your Home Affects You Either Positively Or Negatively.
• Inspire More Joy, Creativity, and Passion into Your Life!
• Understand How to Use the Feng Shui ‘Bagua Map’ throughout your home! (The Bagua Map is a powerful energetic grid that shows you which areas of your home are affecting your relationships, career, prosperity, creativity, etc.)

Please bring along a simple hand sketched floor plan of the main level of your home indicating where doors and windows are located.


Preregister with payment at the Norfolk Arts Centre. 519-428-0540

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