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The Norfolk Arts Centre provides high-quality art education for learners of all ages. We work in partnership with local artists, community groups, schools and teachers to develop new education programs that are offered year-round.

kids art classes

Fall 2019 Kids Classes

$18 per class – 10% discount for NAC members

October – Cut and Paste

Cut and paste the old fashion way as we explore the technique of collage! This will be a mixed media workshop that will put your creativity to the test!
Example Activity: Create a drawing or painting (let dry), cut work up and reassemble pieces to create a likeness of the original. This can also be done in the style of Pablo Picasso or a Cubist inspiration to introduce art historical context for older students.

November – A Splash of Colour
It’s time to get colourful and messy during this Abstract inspired painting session! Join us as we explore techniques of famous painters like Jackson Pollock and Piet Mondrian.
Example Activity: Create our own Broadway Boogie Woogies. Use low-quality painters tape on paper to block out white areas then remaining areas with primary colours. Introduce Mondrian and original Broadway Boogie Woogie prior.

December – Traditional Drawing Techniques
This course will give every budding artist a taste of the drawing basics! We will experiment with traditional drawing materials such as graphite and charcoal, and get a new perspective of the world around us!
Example Activity: Looking at the world with a new perspective and looking at the basic shapes around us. Practice breaking objects down into basic shapes then choosing something to draw but only using basic shapes – Circles, squares, rectangles, triangles / Spheres, cubes, cylinders for more advanced participants.